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I will be building a new PC soon and the graphics card I have bought is a XFX HD 5850. I will download all the programs and drivers I will need before building. I have been researching which drivers to install for this card and I am unsure which one I should use. I have heard of issues with dual screen flickering and color problems with some drivers. I will be using two monitors 1680 x 1050 and will also be gaming but not in eyefinity. I am not interested in using the latest driver if it has problems so what is the most stable driver version to use for this card at this time.
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  1. Anyone? There must be someone out there with this card. Which drivers have been most reliable and stable that you have used for this card?
  2. There is no one on this board with an opinion or any experience with the HD 5850? There has to be someone with this card who can give me some advice on the current drivers available.
  3. Well i have 5850 toxic 1 gb and right now i am using 10.11 beta driver and its doing very well in all games.

    But right now the best driver would be 10.10e which is more stable and works really well.

    I suggest that you try 10.10e or even 10.10d having no issues in my pc.
  4. Thank you, does anyone know if 10.10e has the dual screen flickering issue?
  5. I have a pair of Asus 5850s and I have two monitors. 10.10 works really well, 10.11 brings back the flickering on the 2nd screen as it tries to adjust clock speeds too much.

    I had good luck with drivers from 10.5 to 10.10 so far. Asus drivers worked well also, but they were usually two revisions behind.
  6. Ok, I give the 10.10 driver a try when I build. Thanks a lot I really appreciate it.
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