ALL Rear ports on MOBO aren't working

Recently upgraded my gaming rig. New graphics card and psu. Last night I was playing on my pc, saw no system blips whilst playing the system seemed fine. However this morning when I turned on my PC the monitor wouldn't display anything but the PC was booted up. I then checked to see whether or not my keyboard/mouse had power going to them and they didn't. I then realised none of he rear ports on my mobo where working. I've removed my graphics card and tried using the VGA port and the USB ports but no avail.

I beleive this is a MOBO hardware issue and I think it might need replacing... Can someone please shed some light and if it needs replacing, post a mobo thats a good replacement and is great value for money.

Many Thanks!
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  1. My current setup:

    Motherboard: Biostar T Series TA780G M2+HP
    Processor: AMD Phenom ii 64 (i think)
    RAM: 8gb standard ram
    PSU: Corsair GS600
    Graphics card: XFX HD AMD Radeon 6770

    System seems cool as I have 4 fans and airflow seems to be ok.
  2. Note: CPU Fan spins, I've tried removing all the RAM and booting the PC. No beeping noises... it's as if the motherboard doesn't recognize they have been removed.

    Can someone please assit ASAP? I've ordered a new MOBO. ASUS Extreme ATX.
  3. Did u clean the dust off of the case?

    That is one way how u can kill some components.
  4. Well, your HDMI works, right so ~ what exactly is death?

    USB, FW, audio ports ?
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