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I currently have a FX-60 proc, 2 GB of DDR ram and a GTX-285 video card and windows XP. I want windows 7 with DX-11 but want the biggest bang for my gaming buck. Should I wait for 4 channel LGA 2011 or go with the 2 of LGA 1155? I would run 2 GTX-580's in SLI :)
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  1. Hello jbquigley;

    Bang for buck is going to be Sandy Bridge in a 1155 MB.

    But speaking hypothetically, how big is your budget? Maybe we'll bang on it some more.
  2. WR2 said:
    Hello jbquigley;

    Bang for buck is going to be Sandy Bridge in a 1155 MB.

    But speaking hypothetically, how big is your budget? Maybe we'll bang on it some more.

    My Budget is $4000! I was also waiting for SF-2000 controllers on SSD's like RevoDrive. Any thoughts???
  3. The 1366 is still the better processor / x58 chip set right now (for gamers). The x58 chipset can handle pci-e slots with 16x-16x-16x etc... the newer sandy bridge p67 chipset can only do 1 16x slot and a second 8x slot. The 1155 is aimed at the "modest" crowed. If you want the upper level stuff, get the 1366 now or wait for the lga 2011 which is supposed to be mind blowing...
  4. The 1155 chip set>1366 chip set because the 2500K and 2600K overclock so well and so easily and maintain such low temps that it blows away the current 1366 chip set. The pci-e difference is negligible. It's more affordable, runs cooler, runs faster, turbos higher. What's not to love?
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    I thought that the THG review on OCZ’s RevoDrive X2 summed it up pretty good in the conclusion. While grabbing the link to post here I also noted the update mentions some compatibility issues. So look that over carefully.

    With your budget and a goal of running 2x GTX 580s you probably want to give them something to really chew on.
    One of those sweet 30" 2560x1920 monitors or a triple screen monitor setup. Lots of pixel's to push.

    As for waiting till Q3/Q4 and the LGA 2011 Enthusiast 6 core or Extreme 8 core? Hmmmm.
    Sandy Bridge 1155 should have that upgrade path to Ivy Bridge and you can get the 6 or 8 core upgrade that way, when it makes a bit more sense.
    Considering what you have now. I think you make the jump to the best available. I have the sense you're more than ready to get going with a new system.
  6. I have x'ed out X58 due to the fact that 1. it is a dead end at the end of the year. 2. is that the 2600K beats the top of the line 6 core in tests. 3. Triple channel dosn't seem to offer any "real" benefit to gaming. So, with that in mind. Who do you recommend that i buy from? AVA, CyberPower, Digital Storm, IBuyPower, ect??? Any suggestions, ect? What would be your dream gaming system under $4K???
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  8. If you go with cyberpower which is the only company I have experience with you really need to pay close attention tho their high end builds I mean they have decent prices when comparing to Digital storm. But They seem to have some issues with high end builds. They seem really good for budget and medium builds.
    If you know what you are doing Cyberpower would be fine but your really need to inspect it as soon as you get it and make sure everything is there and also everythiong is seated and connected correctly.
    They also are not so helpful before you buy unless you call them direct with things like a weak point in your build they let folks build systems with power supplys that have no possible way of handling what comes in the system. I mean we own 2 of their systems but they were medium builds for my wife and boy. We have had no issues with them but I build my own systems for myself so I can tell whats needed and will work.
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