My new-built machine fails to boot!

note: the OS isn't even on it yet

at first, it would boot and stay on.. then it would boot for 5 seconds and then restart.. now it restarts after 1/2 seconds

i7 2600k
HD 6970 crossfire
G. skill 2x 4GB= 8GB 2130mhz RAM in slots 1 & 3
NH- D14 cpu cooler
AX1200 corsair PSU

what is going on?

this is my first build :cry: :cry:
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  1. could this be over heating because if i leave it off for 10 min i can boot for 6 sec again.

    did i apply the thermal paste wrong?
  2. oh wow.. the problem just stopped.. will tell you if it reoccurs
  3. in BIOS, my cpu temp is 28C.. is that bad for the NH- D14; if it is, then i probably need to reapply the arctic silver 5
  4. just used a fresh install

    that was a pain though

    i already had it all set up


    this thread needs to be closed

    first to comment gets best answer so i can close this thing
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  6. 28C at idle is ok. My i5 is around 25-28C @ 4Ghz
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  8. addiktet said:

    you replied first and since i already solved the problem, i give you best answer

    thermal compound cooled so i get 23-25 idle depending on the speed of my fans, set to max now so 23 but loudish
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