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2x Radeon 5870 Setup With A Thermaltake QFan 650W Modular PSU


I've used the Thermaltake Power Supply Calculator at to get the correct power supply for my PC configuration. As an option for a 2x 5870 Crossfire setup, the calculator recommended on getting the W0163 QFan 650W modular PSU -

Apparently, this model only have 3x 6-pin PCIe - is there any way of getting 2x 6-pin PCIe Y-cable connectors out of the 1x 8-pin PCIe which I have no use for, or some other way of making it possible to CF two 5870s with this PSU ?

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    Never trust them web "PSU calculators", You should throw in at least 850w for a safe 5870 crossfire setup, 650w is quite tight already for two 5850's, even if it's a good quality one, you could burn your entire system, think about it.

    Answering your question, you could use one of these: Assuming you have two unused 4-pin molex connectors. Each of the cards should already come with one though.
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