ASRock Z68 Fatal1ty Gen3: SATA2 Raid

I want to setup my ASRock Z68 Fatal1ty Gen3 so that it boots from my 120GB Sata3 SSD, while two of my SATA2 disk can be used in RAID configuration.

As I can there is 2 option available to me:

Option 1:
Put all 3 drives in Intel controlled ports and change the Sata mode to Raid.

Option 2:
Put the SSD boot drive on Asmedia controlled Sata port and configure that as ACHI while Raid runs from intel controlled ports.

I am not quite sure what will be best option. As far as I know Option 1 will give me some gried with TRIM being disabled on the SSD while i am not quite sure whats the impact of moving the boot drive to Asmedia controller which are Sata 3gb/s vs Intel's 6gb/s
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  1. I wonder why?
    If you have 2 SSDs in RAID config, that'll give you speed. If you have 2 HDDs in RAID config, that'll give you the Speed of a SATA3 SSD.....

    You could use the SSD as the OS disc and have the RAID to mirror or backup the OS for failsafe reasons.... or Just use the SSD for booting and programs and leave the other 2 Discs for data.....
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