If I wanted to run a stable modest overclock on my Asus Z68 LGA1155 board and Sandy 2500k what would you reccomend for bios settings?

What is the "typical" overclock for this set up ?

I am looking for a basic and stable overclock I can run 24/7
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  1. It depends on your ASUS MOBO, the cheaper <12 Phase typically require a higher vCore, CPU (luck of the draw), HSF and Target OC (GHz). 4.4GHz to 4.5GHz is relatively easy.Don't exceed a 1.45v vCore and this spread sheet will give you an idea for MOBO - CPU - vCore ; see -> For 7/24 IMO 1.35v~1.40v and as far as settings Less = More.

    Here's a straight forward guide (Clunk has good guides) ->
  2. thanks man !
  3. Wow, this is great. I was interested in doing a moderate overclock on my 2500K and this will certainly help. Thank you!
  4. my new CPU and board comes tomorrow !!! can't wait !
  5. Hey guys

    I have decided on the Asus Z68 LGA1155 and the 2500K Sandy. My mobo with be either the MAXIMUS or the DELUXE both Gen3.

    What DDR3 should I get? I want to OC the hell of of this little chip. I will upgrade the cooler, and the case is going to be a COSMO II. Right now I have a Thermaltake Armor 10 bay full tower till the COSMOS II is released.

    What speed DDR3 should I get? WHat brand? What model?

    I want 16GB I think. 4x4GB probably.

    My budget is $200 or less.

    I saw some RIPJAWZ and G.SKILL models for about $129 that seemed to fit the bill. Worth it over CORSAIR or MUSHKIN ?
  6. I seem to like the G.Skill.

    Heard lots of good stuff about them.

    But I can't decide on the models.

    I could get low voltage vs regular.

    Or I could even step up to a faster speed for not much $$$

    What is everyone's opinion ?
  7. On the LGA 1155/SB faster does little if anything and often DDR3-1866 end up less stable; see ->

    As fas as picking, I'd probably choose the 'Blue' 1.35v as being more color coordinated. RAM is becoming more efficient and with lower nm lithography requiring lower voltage. Just set the RAM, in any case, manually: DRAM Frequency, CAS Timings, DRAM Voltage -- I've posted so many times the settings just Google or PM me later if you need help.
  8. ok thanks !!!
  9. I got the RIPJAWZ X series... 16GB 4x4


    Thanks again
  10. Cool! :sol:

    The Blue 1.35v or Red 1.50v?
  11. RED X series 1.5v.

    Should I have gotten something else?
  12. Nope just curious...both are fine :)

    Good Luck!
  13. Thank you.

    Thanks for your help too!
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