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AI Suite II on P67 Sabertooth showing VCORE-2 overheating (80C+)

My set up:
Asus P67 Sabertooth
Intel i5 2500k
Corsair Professional HX1050 (1050w)
Kingston HyperX 120GB SSD
Corsair Vengence 1600 8GB
NZXT Phantom
Coolermaster V6 GT cpu heatsink
(no HDD yet)

So to the problem:

About 1 day after finishing the build i started getting warnings from AI Suite II that the VCORE-2 sensor on the MOBO saying that it was reaching over 80C. This happened about 2-3 times, each time i would quickly close all windows and shut the computer down. After a few more warnings ( each warning about 45min- 1h and 1/2 apart) i found that just after closeing my game (starwars the old republic) AI Suite II would show that the sensor for the VCORE-2 would drop significantly in temp. to about the low-mid 30's C.

At first i was wondering if i might have a bad PSU and it was sending too much power to the 8-pin CPU power ( this is close to where the sensor is shown on the map that is shown on AI Suite). but then i looked at the Vcore voltage that was also given by AI Suite and it doesnt seem to get over ~1.25v.

Also the only changes in the BIOS i have made is to turn off Intel's Turbo Boost (recomended by a freind to try and fix the above problem).

I am a first time builder so not too sure what is going on/what to do. Would rly appreciate help. thx :)
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    Are you running any other monitoring software at the same time as AI Suite? If so, don't as it causes misreads.

    If however it is temp related then placing a fan near the heatsink will keep those temps in check.
  2. the first time i recieved the warning i think the only two monitoring programs i had running were AI Suite and EVGA's Precision (GPU temp), and my case has fans above the heat sink exhausting air, i dont know if you think that would be enough though.

    And ill also try to so if i can get a warning with only AI Suite open.

    I have a screen shot of my desk top w/ AI Suiete, Real Temp, and CPUID Hardware Moniter open during one of i guess we can call them if that would be useful/helpful or useless based on that u said it could send misreads.
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  4. So i closed all other monitoring programs and its seems that that did the trick, ty.
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