Did I just fry my system?

Hi, this is my first time building a computer and i believe i just toasted it. Here's the setup i have.

Haf 922 case
6gb kingston hyperX 1600 ram
xfx 5850
pc power & cooling silencer mkII 750 watt
asus sabertooth x58
samsung 500gb F3

I was very excited to plug everything in and turn on the power. (I didn't close the case because i followed a youtube video and they didn't close the case neither) I saw both the cpu led and the ram led were both on for like a good 2 minutes, therefore i held down the power button to force a shut down. Ever since then, i couldn't turn it on again ever. I am really upset and i don't know what to do. I mean i can try the rma and all that but it took so much time and effort just to fail. Can someone give me some advice what to do?
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  1. I realized i didn't plug in the psu power, all little too late tho. The power just won't turn on no matter what i do now. I am lost.... i am going to take it to a computer shop tomorrow and see what's toasted and what not... I am devastated. T_T
  2. Hello janpwnz;

    Not plugging in the Aux power for the CPU should not have broken/fried anything.

    Just run through that troubleshooting guide linked above.... run through it carefully.
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