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I try to enjoy flying with MS's FSX Simulation but get a lot of jerking of the picture and sometimes, a complete freeze. I have a Medion UK 15 Model 2 computer and a HP 2509m monitor. Current installed card is NVIDIA GeForce FX5200 with 128MB video memory. Some 'fliers' recommend the Radeon HD5870 which is very expensive and may not even fit my system - I know nothing much about computers. Can anyone help please?
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  1. FSX needs as much CPU as you can give it... as well as a good GPU.

    Not sure about your system specs but from the age of the GPU, it may not be worth putting any more parts in it.
  2. Post your system specs.
  3. Thanks. I will give it some thought.
  4. What is your budget and full computer specs?
  5. duk3 said:
    What is your budget and full computer specs?

    Hello and thanks very much for your reply. Here goes:- Computer - Medion UK 15 Model 2 2.8 GHz
    HD 298.09 GB
    512 MB DDR RAM
    8x Pioneer DVD+- RW Multiformat DVD Recordable
    52x CD-ROM Drive
    NVIDIA GeForce FX5200 with 128 MB Video Memory
    I am not much on the technicalities of the computer so I hope I've done OK on the information off the label!
    My monitor is a HP2509m
    I bought this computer in 2004 and I like it a lot - it's got a lot of useful things like USB's etc on the front as well as the back. I know it's old now but I'm hoping if I can just upgrade the GC and maybe the memory, it'll be fine as I really only email, use the net now and again and 'fly'.
    If possible, I'd like to keep the cost under $200. I plan on fitting the card myself as it's pretty simple according to 'Albert' on YouTube.
    Many thanks for attempting to help me out. Regards, John
  6. Could you open your case and check how many Watts does your PSU have? It is on the label of the PSU. Also, could you download GPU-Z and tell me what information is on the Bus Interface on that program? It is either AGP or PCI, I need to know which one it is.
  7. The FX5200 is an AGP and PCI (not PCIe) part. There's not many worthwhile graphics upgrades around anymore.

    The PSU will not support a modern high powered graphics card. Most PSU's from back then were heavy on the 5 and 3.3 volt rails. The 12 volt rails were generally heavy enough to run the then current CPU's and drives with a little left over for safety.

    Better to save for a new system.
  8. Poor old computer, it's like a grandfather!

    Like others have said, it is too old but if you upgrade the RAM on it, you'd be giving pops a nice cane for the little walking he can do. That will help out in general and for sure in your game, but don't expect him to grow younger 20 years or anything.

    Nowadays you can build yourself a moderate system for $600. Might want to invest that $200 and wait a bit longer. Plus, you can find a case that you really like, most have USB in front nowadays, pretty standard.
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