Dell Dimension 3100 Won't Start

Hi there, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I'm hoping someone can help me.
My aunts Dell Dimension 3100 has been having some issues lately and has asked me to sort it out. Needless to say I have no idea what the problem is. From what I gather a few days ago my aunt went to start up the computer but it "wouldn't start". I had a look at it and first try it started normally so I left it there. Now it seems the problem has come back. Every time the computer is started a BOIS message shows saying:

Intel(r)915G/915GV/910GL PCI Accelerated SVGA BIOS
Build Number: 1235 PC 14.4 07/18/2005 09:55:21
Copyright (C) 2000-2003 Intel Corp. All Rights Reserved


It freezes there with a flashing underscore. This is the first and only thing shown when the computer boots. Apparently this is also what happened before my aunt first asked me to have a look. An ideas what could be causing this? I will try to provide more information if needed.
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    Hello aleatoire;

    It's not completing the power on self test (POST).
    I don't suppose you're hearing any beep codes?

    My first suspect would be a hard disk failure. Have you tried a bootable CD or Floppy?
  2. Nope no beep codes.

    I'll give a bootable CD a try and report back when I can.
  3. All sorted now. Thanks for the help WR2.

    The problem was a hard disk failure. Got a new one and everything is working fine now.
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