Big problem - horizontal lines - please help

I just finished building a pc and after having install everything correctly, I get horizontal lines. I managed to install OS although the lines were there. The lines appear as soon as the windows start loading. I tried installing nvidia's drivers and the problem is still there. Now the screen goes black after the windows logo disappears and it is about to show the desktop. My components are:

i7 950
8gb ram
msi gtx 470 frozr II
asus sabretooth x58

any ideas?

P.S. I have tried different monitors, reseating everything and checking everything as per the 'no video after first boot' guide
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  1. Do you have another GPU to test? If so, swap cards. As it appears to be a video problem it very well could be.

    My second guess would be Mobo. Other than that, good luck
  2. Problem solved. Thanks guys! I tried another card and the pc works great.

    Cant believe a new MSI gtx470 frozr Ii can be so problematic right out of the box!?!?
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