My PC gives no output signal to my monitor?!

Hi everyone
I just have a desktop today and here is it's specs:
Mainboard: ASUS M4N68T-M
CPU: AMD phenom x4 955
I try to connect it to my ASUS ms238h monitor through DVI port on my graphic card , it doesn't give any output signal to my monitor (my monitor has VGA and HDMI, so I connect it through a HDMI to DVI cable). So I tried to connect the PC to my older Sony monitor through VGA port on the mainboard. At first it starts up, and then I installed OS (Windows 7 64-bit), driver for the HD 6870, driver for my mainboard. After that I shut the computer down and tried to reconnect my MS238H to see any result. It still doesn't give any output, and now either my Sony monitor. Both monitor said "no input signal".
Please help.
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  1. You should disable the onboard graphics in bios...
  2. I would if my monitor can give me some signal even I plug it into the mainboard.
  3. Do you have it plugged in. LOL just kidding when was the last time it worked and what did you do?
  4. the last time when I plug it into the mainboard, I install new OS (windows 7), the graphic card driver, and mainboard driver.
  5. Pull out the HD 6870.

    Connect monitor to the onboard video.

    Power up and go into the BIOS Setup Utility.

    Change the Primary Graphics Adapter setting to PCIE.

    Save changes, power down, and disconnect computer's power cord.

    Install the HD 6870 making sure you connect the supplementary PCIE power cables to the graphics card.

    Connect up the computer's power cord and start it up.
  6. Okay I'll do it, but can you explain why do I have to pull the HD 6870 out? In the bios it already sets the primary video adapter is PCIE->PCI->IGP.
  7. Didn't you say that you couldn't see anything on the monitor through either the onboard GPU or the HD6870?
  8. It starts up again if I wait for sometimes =.=, the onboard graphic.
  9. What is the brand and model of the power supply unit in your computer?
  10. It's cyberpowerPC and 700W xtreme gear PSU
  11. Do you have two 6-pin PCI Express power connectors connected from the PSU to the HD 6870?
  12. Yes, I just check it, it's on and tight, and the fan on the graphic is running too.
  13. Do you get any video signal from the HD 6870 when you boot into Safe Mode?
  14. whenever the monitor is receiving output signal from the PC, the monitor is on onboard graphic. When I plug the monitor in to the expansion graphic, it won't show up. I didn't try to put the PC into safe mode.
  15. I am suggesting that you try safe mode because it should use Microsoft's default VGA driver. If the HD 6870 works in safe mode then that would indicate a driver problem.
  16. I would do that but now the monitor won't even show up, can't do anything. And how do you put it in safe mode?
  17. After the BIOS boot screens press function key F8 repeatedly and a menu will show up giving you various boot options for Windows with one of them being Safe Mode.
  18. This bios is different, if I press F8, it'll go to the booting setup.
  19. You're pressing F8 too soon. You need to start pressing it after the BIOS passes control to the bootloader program on the hard disk that starts the booting of Windows. If you already see the Windows splash screen that's too late it needs to be before the splash screen appears.
  20. I'd give it a try if I have a chance. So basically what should I do? after the monitor shows up, put the pc in safe mode, then what's next? I've already changed the primary video adapter to PCIE in the BIOS, and also plugged the monitor into that graphic card, and installed driver. I don't know what to do if the monitor shows up again.
  21. Try uninstalling the drivers for the IGP and the Catalyst drivers. If possible run a driver cleaner to remove any remnants of of previous graphics device drivers.

    Install only the latest drivers for the HD 6870 from AMD's website.
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