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May be ordering these from NewEgg (NEED URGENT HELP PLEASE!)

What do you guys think, for a "starter rig"? Forget that it doesn't make lattes , or massage your feet... I'm fairly new to this all. And , it's not meant to win 1st prize at some gamers convention.
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More about ordering newegg need urgent please
  1. Hello lncognito;

    I like where you're going with that.
    The only quibble I have is with the open box motherboard. An open box video card is less of an issue as far as Im concerned.

    I would suggest getting the retail box version instead. The open box has limitation in the return options.
    "If you purchase an Open-Box product Newegg guarantees only that you will receive the product itself; accessories MAY OR MAY NOT BE INCLUDED with Open-Box products. Newegg will not send you a missing accessory, even if the missing accessory is required in order to properly make use of all the product’s advertised functions"
    An open box can be an EXCELLENT option for someone replaces a failed part, if they already have all the other items in the retail box accessory pack. You could get lucky and everything will be there, that could happen.

    If you want to keep the cost the same I'd say go with the retail motherboard
    and get the AMD Athlon II X3 445 Rana 3.1GHz CPU @ $77 instead.
  2. Excellent find on the NZXT M59 / OCZ StealthXstream II 600W PSU. $59 a/r rebate. ^5
  3. Did you change out the motherboard?
  4. No? I dont think so?

    And as far as the open box... ive only got $500 to spend.

    Also, the GPU is no longer available:( I need to find another!

    One that allows me to connect my hdtv. Also, what about a cooler? Someone asked about that. They must mean the cooler for the cpu, yeah? I was thinking just go with stock for now, no?
  5. I am going o run up to the store, wont be back for about half hr cos I have to walk lol. I am gonna throw on $500 to my pre-paid debit card. Will be back! Thank you bro!
  6. I'm back, bro. Got a "Money Pak" to throw on my pre-paid debit card.

    Thinking within an hr or so I'll be set to order. Just need to make sure I've got all the parts right... Which means, the gpu and whatever else.

    Edit* Is there a pop up window thta is supposed to show when you get PMs?
  7. The forum does not have pop-up PMs. And the notification bar is the bottom end of a long, long page.
    lncognito said:
    One that allows me to connect my hdtv.
    What connections does your HDTV have? What is the native resolution?
    What operating system/version will you be using?
    What HDD will you be using?
    What DVD? CD? will you be using?
    List any other parts you already have and plan to use.

    The stock CPU in the retail box of the AMD CPU is adequate for a non-overclocked system.

    CPU: AMD Athlon II X3 450 Rana 3.2GHz $80
    MB: BIOSTAR A770E3 $60
    RAM: A-DATA Gaming Series 4GB DDR3 1600 $45
    HDD: ?
    DVD: ?
    GPU1: GIGABYTE GV-N450OC GeForce GTS 450 (Fermi) 1GB Video Card $110
    GPU2: MSI N460GTX Twin Frozr II GTX 460 (Fermi) $150
    PSU & Case: NZXT M59 & OCZ StealthXstream II 600W PSU $98

    With GPU1 ~$393
    With GPU2 ~$433
  8. Tele has hdmi1 and hdmi2 & vga.

    I'll be using Windows 7 Ultimate and probably Ubuntu.

    Plan to use the HDD from the Emachine I am on now, 69 gb. Im pretty good with keeping it clean, and I dont download tons, yet. So that can wait a bit. But I do plan, before the parts get here, which should be Monday... to purchase another HDD, something with 1tb. I do have another HDD I could use, its only like 40 gb or so.

    I have the monitor.. keyboard/mouse... sound system... em, oh and a decent dvd-rw. That I will also buy a new of, something much better. Possibly a blue ray burner. Saw a nice one for around $100-$150.

    NewEgg was fast. Processed within 6 hrs, and started shipping soon after. Im expecting to get an update sometime today, or tomorrow.
  9. While you're waiting for your parts to arrive you can visit the MFGR's websites and download any user manuals or installation guides that happen to be online.
    Motherboard manual is probably your first priority.
  10. YES! All but my MOBO have arrived, and I expect that sometime today! I can't believe
    that everything was ordered on the 9th, and got most on the 10th, I paid for 3-day delivery, ha!

    Yeah, I am going to look for the manuals as soon as I type this out. The only thing I did not get was a new hdd. I even went to BestBuy earlier lol. Don't know why I expected it to be open at 7:30 am lol. Meh, I'll just go down there after the mobo arrives. I am also going to pick up an anti-static wristband, for sure. I am taking no chances here. I will post pics when I'm done! Wish me luck!

    p.s. I was told by a few people my setup could run Crysis, possibly on max settings.. Hm, not really interested in that game, but that sounds pretty damn good to me.

    edit* Guess I could use the hdd from my current machine, no? It's only 69 gb. Figure I can use that for the OS's, and other stuff such as photos, or whatever else. And the 1tb or so, for games/movies. =P This is so friggin' exciting. My gf is even excited for me. =D
  11. Got the make and model of that HDD you already have?
    I think you'll want to make the OS/Boot drive the fastest HDD you own.
    An older HDD might not be the best choice doing boot duty.

    Don't drink too much coffee. And read the manual/install guide.... look the parts the manual again and make sure you understand what it's telling you.
    When it's clear to you... then go ahead and do the build.

    Look over Step-by-Step Guide to Building a PC

    And also look at: "System won't boot" and "no video output" checklist
    This covers what are some most common mistakes - like forgetting to plug in the CPU Aux power cable, etc.
  12. WR2:

    I MAY be in a bit of a pickle here. I made the HUGE mistake of buying a mobo "open box". Well, it did not come with the SATA cables, etc. Or, the manual. I have tried to find one online, to no avail. Not sure why I cannot, its clearly there.

    It did not come with the stand-offs, and I am doing my best to find something that will work %100 the same as if I had them. So, I took some packing foam, thin stuff, and placed it under the mobo. I am not sure if that is enough to keep the metal from hitting the mobo itself. I will do no power connections until I hear back from you. Heck, I am just getting under way with connecting everything.

    I am relying on reading the lableed parts, and making the connections. I did go and grab serial ata 2.0 cable. And I do have an old pc that I can snag cables from, if need be.

    I am desperately trying to find someone who is available to go so far as to watch what I do, on cam. And just sort of guide me , in case I make an errors. I will not rush it at all, nice and slow.
  13. Do not be in a hurry. It's how the most serious mistakes get made.
    Correct - nice & slow gets it done right.
    And you can recover from the missing items in the open box MB.
    A cut up paper bag over a flat hard surface is probably a better idea than foam.

    #1 priority is the manual. Stand-offs usually come with the case.
    It's probably too early to be making any connections, not till you have the manual.
  14. I found some stand offs that I had saved from 2 years ago! OK, I will keep looking for a manual! Thanks, Coach! lol My gf put on some nice soft music (Sigur Ros) lol its like Im trying to perform surgery here haha. This is great though, will help me with my patience issue I have always had. Will report back with any progress!
  15. Did you get the Driver CD that should have come in the accessory pack? It's the one thing that worries me the most.

    The manual is available online: Asus M4A785TD-M EVO
  16. I suggest using the standoff that came with the M 59 case.
  17. WR2 said:
    Did you get the Driver CD that should have come in the accessory pack? It's the one thing that worries me the most.$S640$

    The manual is available online: Asus M4A785TD-M EVO

    i did not get the cd, just the mobo. i did find that manula, thanks! i have went by the guide you showed me, great help it was so far. and yes i have those stand offs also. i installed those,now working on mobo out of case. installed psu , then cpu... then ram. now heatsink...
  18. What operating system are you going to be using? And service pack number if any.
    You never did mention what HDD or DVD drives you're using.
  19. windows 7 ultimate.

    but that will have to wait, there is a problem. i got everything connected properly, and when i turn on the machine all fans go, hdd, dvd, etc. however, when I gorhe monitet something on the monitor, it , for a split second, says something about "express gate installation incomplete"... then it goes to the screen where it checks hdd...usb...etc, then I can get into BIOS. I changed something, because before that, it said something about boot device. How am I to know what gets changed to what in BIOS? In the BIOS, there does not seem to be a IDE detected. Just SATA, which is what my HDD is connected with. WIsh I could take screenshots, but obviously I can't. There is a disc, that came with the HDD, but that didnt work either. I assumed I would be brought into a screen that asks about drives, etc, then the OS install. Im stuck here big time.
  20. What change did you make in the BIOS?
  21. WR2 said:
    You never did mention what HDD or DVD drives you're using.
  22. nothing was changed.

    in main settings, only my hdd is detected, under SATA1.

    In SATA Config:

    OnChip SATA Channel [Enabled]

    SATA Port1 - Port4 [IDE]

    SATA Port5 - Port6 [IDE]

    other than that, ive no idea.

    is there a way to get it to boot from sata1, in bios?
  23. If you plug the HDD in to the SATA 1 port.

    Don't you think is about time you tell me about that HDD?
  24. oh but i did have it plugged into the sata1 sees it now on the screen where it checks for everything, and it lists hdd on sata1, but now it says "RealTek LAN cable not ready, enter setup for detail"

    and i mentioned the hdd. the seagate barracude 1tb sata 32 mb cache. not what you wanted?
  25. Sorry.. I must have missed where you mentioned the HDD. I don't see it anywhere in this thread.

    If the system is detecting the HDD in SATA port 1 it should be ready to install the OS.
    Got your install disks ready?
  26. yes i do. i tried it with the disc. i even tried it with the disc that came with the hdd, just to be sure. man this is tough. i know i didnt touch anything in the bios, that much i know not ot mess with. everything is connected properly, had someone go over it with me and everything. again, hdd, fans, dvd, etc .. all running smoothly. arghhh
  27. Read the manual about setting the BIOS to boot first from the DVD.
  28. ive done the attempt to boot from dvd. it wont allow that. the dvd drive does SEEM to function. lights up and it clearly is making the sound as if reeading... but nothing. i hate to give up after coming all thsi way, and all this time i spent on it. but man its driving me insane. by the time i get it sorted, all the fun will be destroyed by the bitterness brought on by a box. think it is in the bios, something isnt set right. just cant spot it. dont need someone getting too anoyed with me over this. im trying my best.
  29. It could be a bad DVD disk.
    Is it the original Windows 7 install disk?
  30. no. but i used it twice just today. on two different computers.

    the disc that would come with this mobo originally, thats not important at this point in time, correct? thats for lan, etc? if its not that, then perhaps there is a way to reset settings in bios, so in case i DID manage to mess with something and dont even realize it? ive been going at this longer than id usually be at a ciomputer, amybe it just slipped by me somehow.
  31. There usually a boot section in bios you just need to make ure cdrom the first boot device
  32. ok i took a photo of one screen maybe it can tell you something.. ill try to get it on here... took it using my cell..
  33. tell me if this helps??
  34. is that cd-rw ide?
  35. brpeden82 said:
    is that cd-rw ide?

    no. dvd-rw. hmm its not even listed.... that i see. not sure how i missed that. but that shouldnt be the issue right now should it? i cant even get to that point
  36. well u need it detected so it can boot of the cd
  37. Best answer
    Primary Master Drive - ATAPI Incompatible
    Looking that up
  38. What type of DVD drive are you using. How did you hook it up. Where did you get the cable?
  39. Best answer selected by lncognito.
  40. WR2 said:
    Primary Master Drive - ATAPI Incompatible
    Looking that up

    YES.. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i had the damn dvd drive connected wrong! brilliant!

    windows kicked right in with loading files, for install!
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