[ADVICE NEEDED] PSU for a new system

I'm planning to build a new system to replace an ageing workstation I have but this time I plan to invest on higher quality components, starting with the PSU. My intention is to get a unit that can migrate from system to system as I will upgrade or build new ones in the future.

Presently, my unit is a Media Magic 500W but I fear it will lack the muscle to "feed" properly an AMD Bulldozer generation cored system, so I intend to buy a reliable and powerful unit for my future machine, inside the 80 Plus range.

Considering this, what kind of units can I look at? I have access to Corsair, Antec, Aerocool, 2HiX, Cooler Master, LC Power and NOX PSU's in my local dealer, besides the generic lot of unbranded units.

Any advice is welcome.
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  1. Ive been into corsair now for a while... before that was enermax... I like the corsair because the have a single 12v rail which makes for easy math when plugging in stuff.

    If you are wanting something to last you for a few years you should probably look in the range of 900-1200W... not because you need it now but if you wanna go triple or quad SLI on a high end cpu etc in a couple of years you'll need it then.
  2. Having something last me for some years is exactly my main concern but not being a gamer I doubt I will ever have the need to go for SLI solutions.

    But thinking about Corsair what models should I consider? I'm completely in the dark about this subject.
  3. Model of corsair by preference would be HX then TX then VX though v stands for value and that's what the tx line was supposed to be so stick with HX or TX if you can. Like you said get something in the 80+ certified group and if you dont need sli support then a 750w should do you for a few years.

    TX650 (just to start things off)

    TX 750

    HX 750

    HX 850 (in case you wanna hedge your bets ... plus its not that much more expensive than the HX750)


    if you really dont game at all then a 500w one will probably do you for a while as well. Im approaching this from a "have more power than you need" standpoint so that if you decide to drop in a high end video card you wont be pissed.
  4. Okay, so I've been checking my local hardware store for those PSU and here is what I got.
    I also considered the cost per month of each of the unit over an average lifespan of 5 year

    TX650 V2 €86.50 (€1.44/month)

    With 650W of power to dish out, it will also be the most powerful PSU I've ever bought but the overall value of the unit seems a good investment.

    TX750 €99.9 (€1.67/month)
    TX750 V2 €101.90 (€1.70/month)

    I can get my hands at either version of this PSU on my usual store, although I haven't bothered looking at the true differences between the versions.
    Having 750W of available power sounds reasonable, but at this step I start wondering if I will really require it for th machine I intend to build.

    HX650 Modular €114.90 (€1.91/month)
    HX750 Modular €139.90 (€2.33/month)

    The 750 I believe this is a bit overkill for what I think I will need, only making sense if I think in upgrading my machine in 1 or 2 years, which I sincerely doubt but I also took a look at the 650, taking in consideration it has the same wattage of the TX but remembering the HX stands for higher quality.

    HX850 Modular €155.90 (€2.60/month)

    I admit I looked this up for mere curiosity and the price tag itself was enough to scare me away. Its really too much for my pocket.

    I also spent a few minutes talking with the guys of the store and they also showed me some CX GS class Corsair PSU. What am I looking at here? On the CX class, the price tags were a a bit more affordable if I was on dire need to put together or replace a faulty PSU but the GS series were as expensive as the TX suggested.

    It was also suggested another unit: an LC Power 650W 140mm Green Power v2.3. At €54.50 its lot less expensive than the Corsair's and its a 80 Plus Bronze PSU, but I admit I got a little suspicious; it's way to much bang for my cash to be true.
  5. Look for Seasonic units like the S12II series in 520 or 620W.
    The Corsair TXV2 650W is probably more then enough.
    Also the Antec TP New 650W and any of the XFX Pro or modular units would be fine.
    If you're not a gamer there's absolutely no reason you need anything more the 650W max.
    If Bulldozer is anything like what Intel has out, power needs have gone down.
    99% of new tech is energy efficient.
    High quality psu's from 500-650W would be more then enough.
    Every unit(Brand) i've mentioned is built/oem by Seasonic.
  6. Seasonic is generally regarded as the cream of the crop when it comes to PSUs however as Davcon stated above, Seasonic also makes PSUs designed by Corsair and Antec (I can't remember if XFX is but I'm sure Davcon has it right). That being said, you basically can't go wrong with any of the aforementioned brands. From this point, model selection is based on preference of price/features/efficiency.

    Here are three PSUs in the 550-650W range that are modular and have a gold efficiency rating.


    I don't think you'd be disappointed by any of those units (Except the Sentey model. I'm unsure of the quality that model presents however I included it because it was in your Wattage needs, it's modular, and it has an 80+ gold rating)
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