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First off a little about me, I went to school for networking and information tech, but since all i do is play games and my work has nothing to do with computers, I remember the basics and some of the lingo but that's about it. I had a friend build my last computer, but hes not interested in building another one. So instead of buying from alienware (tried to buy one but they claimed it was going to take 2 months to build one since i ordered it 2 weeks before Christmas, I'm pretty impatient so that didn't fly) and i heard alot of bad stuff about the other pre-build companies, so I decided to build one myself, with help from another friend...that friend flaked on me so I'm on my own now.

OK on to the good stuff.

Case: Antec P183 V3
Motherboard: Asus P8P67 Pro
CPU: Intel i5-2500k Sandy Bridge
Video Card: MSI GTX470 1280gb (fermi)
HDs: 2x WD Cavair Green 2TB and OZ 120gb SSD
Memory: G.Skill Sniper 240pin DDR3 1333 PC3-10666 2x4gb
PSU: Antec CP850
CPU Cooler - Coolmaster Hyper 212
Air cooled and asus DVD r/w disk drive
Windows 7 home premium 64-bit

Last week, I got all my gear and started my build, and got it to turn on but the memok LED stays red, and the computer doesn't post when turned on. I tried placing the memory in the recommended dual channel slots and same issue. I put the memory in the recommended single slot, did this with each stick separately and same issue. Found a video on YouTube, some kid with the same motherboard but different CPU and memory, his set up didn't post, so he pressed the memok button for a few seconds and it flashed and went through its process and rebooted and his posted, mine doesn't. Frustrating.

Just from logic, i am assuming my computer doesnt like the memory, i guess my question is, memory issue or motherboard issue? any fix other than getting different memory or motherboard?
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  1. Go through the sticky first.

    Do you have a case speaker?
    Any beep codes?
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