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I've just built my first system, but am unsure how well the sandy bridge cpu will perform with the triple channel ram. I know it doesn't 'support' it, so does that mean having 2 x 4gb sticks would perform alot better than my 3 x 2gb, and whether it hinders performance.
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  1. With three RAM sticks, it will be limited to single-channel mode. The extra RAM would probably offset that disadvantage.

    If I had to choose between 4GB in dual-channel and 6GB in single-channel, I'd choose the 6GB single-channel setup.

    Of course, you could easily fix the situation by purchasing a single stick of the same RAM to make four sticks total. That would be even better -- 8GB in dual-channel mode.
  2. Yeah I'm currently looking at trying to get 8gb in dual channel, thanks for the advice as I wasn't sure if it would be able to run 2 of the sticks in dual and one in single.
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