Need help upgrading my dell inspiron 531 !!

first of all hello. . . and i am not very good with computers at all and need help desperately. . .

i have a dell inspiron 531 AMD Athlon 64x2 5000+ @ 2.60 Ghz

motherboard = MNTW, X2, 5000+, ENERGY STAR, 531
(i think?)

4.00 gb ram, 32-bit windows vista home edition

My power supply is 300 watts and i am currently running a geforce 8600 GT card for graphics. I want to upgrade to a 600 watt power supply and a geforce GTS 450 superclocked 1024 MB card. When i contacted Dell, they said that my motherboard could not handle a power supply over 300 watts or it would burn out. Is there any way i can upgrade my card and power supply or should i get another computer? thank you
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  1. I would say build a new one. I don't know if Dell was telling the truth about that motherboard burning out or not (seems very improbable), but you really need a faster CPU to make a graphics upgrade worth it, which in turn would probably need a new motherboard. You can make a decent gaming computer for around $600.
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    first, can you physically fit a dual slot card in your unit.?

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