GTX 570 flash to GTX 580?

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  1. I would assume since the 570 gtx is not just a 580 gtx with parts of it locked, but an actually different card that It cannot.
  2. I don't think its possible
    GTX 580 has 512 stream processors;whereas,GTX 570 has 480 and there is no way to unlock it.
  3. Then why do they have the same number of memory chips, even though they have different amounts of memory? They could easily be the same card with the same GPU - only a different BIOS and power connector.
  4. Buy it and let us know.
  5. The difference isn't only the BIOS and power connectors,like I said,they have different stream processors.There is no way to unlock them.
    There are many cards that have pretty much the same specs but different stream processors, and you can't flash them either.
  6. Some of the GTX465s are flashable to GTX470s even though they have a different number of stream processors. They have a different memory bus width as well - the GTX 465 has a 256 bit wide bus and the GTX 470 a 320 bit bus.

    I've run a GTS250 BIOS on an 8800GT just fine - and that isn't even on the same transistor lithography.

    I just thought maybe someone had noticed the physical similarities between the boards and tried this flash.

    Maybe I should have posted in the overclocking section...
  7. Why would they turn off some features and sell it for less if it costs the same to make?
  8. it's for marketing and profit. AMD HD 6950/6970 does exactly same. 99.9% of current market 6950 is flashable to 6970 without error. Though I'm not sure about 570/ don't risk it before someone tried it successfully.
  9. ^ on the other hand i think the op should risk it and let us know the result.
  10. yes risk yours and let us know, if it works then your the man, if not then you have just wasted $349 on a non-working video card
  11. yes do it OP
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    In short the answer to your question is NO, its impossible to be flashed. I have taken the cover off of mine to put on a waterblock, and the difference is clearly visible.

    Your options are to:
    A) Buy a GTX 580
    B) Buy a GTX 560 Ti, and resodder on the missing parts, and hope Nvidia didnt plan on someone doing that... chances are the board will have empty traces that are ment for the 8pin connector so wouldnt work anyway. I give it a 5% chance of working.
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  14. I doent know about the PNY but the EVGA GTX 570 Classified is a GTX 580 in everyway except the GPU in the middle heatsinks and PCB are the same it even has one six pin and one eight pin power connectors. The water block fits the bcking plate fits if your going to have any luck that is that card to use. 500 Series Family&sw= 500 Series Family&sw=

    thoughs two are the same in every way except one is 570 and othr is 580 silicon is only difference and the only differance is 32 cuda core and 8 ROP's and of couse the etching on the GPU cover.
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