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SLI 460s vs 480

Hey Guys

Am struggling to choose between 460 SLI and a single 480 for my new computer that I am building.

Assuming that in terms of price both configurations are roughly equal in terms of price (The SLI may be more expensive factoring in the more expensive mobo required for SLI) what is the better option? I've heard while generally the 460 provides better performance but some games don't play nicely under SLI. Conversely the 480 while not having any SLI issues the card is a bit of a power hog that's both hot and noisy.

Is there any consensus on what the better option for game performance is likely to be?
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  1. Get a GTX 580 or GTX 570, don't go any lower. GTX 570 is around 350$ and it is about the same performance, if not more, than the 480 and runs cooler and more quietly.
  2. Hmm the 570 hasn't been released in NZ yet and Im unsure what the rollout plan for the card is so it may not be an option.
  3. What about 580? Is it too expensive?
  4. In general the two GTX460's will perform better than a single GTX480, but with the (minor) hassles that come with a dual card setup.
  5. I sure feel sorry for the people who bought a GTX 480 2 months before the GTX 580 came out.

    The GTX580 costs exactly the same as the GTX 480 was when it launched.

    And now the GTX 480 is being PWND by a GTX 570 which is a cheaper card than a GTX 480.

    But however, i own a GTX 460. Im waiting for the GTX 480's to come down in price and

    upgrade to that. I surely cannot spend that much for a GTX 580 =).

    "good buys come to those who wait"
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    no get a gtx 460,that would be the best bet,sli them and get better performance that gtx 480.
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  8. Common A gtx 480 is better than gtx 570 by 5 to 10 percent or even more,look out here,this might help:
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