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Hey guys I do alot of gaming on my laptop. I want a gaming mouse for my laptop. Id like something that works well on all surfaces and is wireless. I dont mind paying around 100$. I use a claw grip and perfer a bigger mouse. I was looking at a razer mamba but it has some docking station, i dont know if id want to have that with me all the time. Id like a dongle mouse

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  1. www.logitech.com/en-us/mice-pointers/mice

    Take your pick.. Both feature the Dark Field laser tracking syatem which is touted to work on any surface.. And the receiver is USB compatible and tiny enough to carry comfortably (potential loosing chances also)..
  2. what do you think of the razer orochi
  3. I use a Logitech Performance MX mouse to play games on my desktop. It can even be used on a transparent glass table.

    If you like a gaming mouse (meaning more buttons), then you might want to consider the Logitech G700. It's based off the the Performance MX design.
  4. kevilay said:
    what do you think of the razer orochi

    Weren't you looking for a somewhat large mouse..!! The Orochi is quite small and compact.. I find it cool though that it can be used as a wired mouse also.. But other than that, I do not find anything substantial to recommend it over a Logitech.. Moreover, IMO the build quality of Razer products are inferior when compared to Logitech (or even Microsoft).. So since you have the budget, go for the Logitech Performance MX.. You will not be disappointed..
  5. One word: Razer... =)
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