Nvidia 250

i hv g31 pr
320 gb sata
quad 8200
dvd rw
2 gb kingston ram
400w psu 15 amp plz see imp
plz tell if il be able to run gts 250
no overclocking
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  1. "Made in China" and Nvidia recommend a 450W PSU with 24A on the +12v rail to run GTS250
  2. 400W will not be enough to run it without issues I don't think. Has pooctox said, NVIDIA suggest a 450W PSU, but to be safe I would get a 550 or 600 to cover any future changes / upgrades.
  3. ^ +1, get a quality 500+ Watt PSU.
  4. Only 15A on 12V rail? No, you can't, get a better/higher PSU, choose trusted brand like Corsair, ANtec, OCZ, Seasonic, PCP&C, SIlverStone with 500W for ANY single graphic card...
  5. IF you has Zebronics Platinum/Pro series then I will consider it, but your PSU is economy series, so NO, your PSU will not have power to run GTS250.
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