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hello i recently bought an Sapphire HD 6850 gfx card, it requires the card to connect to the power supply

the PCIe connector provided in the Sapphire package only have 4 out of the 6 pins used (4 powercables running under it) while the other two pin connect to each other

the PCIe connector of my PSU have all of its 6 pin used (6 powercables)

i wonder which one i should use? also my psu is only 460w, so my gfx card will need as much power as it needs

so which one should i use?? i know what i posted is a bit confusing, but i don't know what to call those things, i will provide pictures soon to make it clearer
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  1. You should use the PCIE connector that is attached to your Power supply. the one that came with the card is in case you don't have one.
    What power supply is it 460 w sounds like the cooler master extreme ? That has around 26 Amps from memory.
    Either way unlesss its a really cheap bought with the case PSU its good to power a single 6850.

    Mactronix :)
  2. okay i got the pics of the connectors, the main difference are the number of wires

    this is the connector of the psu, it has 6 wires attached

    this is the connector given by the gfx card, it has 5 wires with one connecting two pins

    on the graphics card box it says i should use the one given, but some video by amd shows they just use the psu's connector, im really confused which one to use

    and yeah the psu came with the case when i bought it a few years ago, i thought it might not be enough for the 6850
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