Intel motherboard does not respond to f2 key but once windows loads its fine

my Intel motherboard will not respond to my Saitek Eclipse II keyboard when I press the F2 to get into the bios, is it the keyboard or is it a setting that I may have accidentally turned off somewhere? Once into windows the keyboard responds fine.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    Some USB keyboards won't work before a 'driver' is loaded, and if your Intel MOBO has USB 3.0 ports they'll never work that is until USB 3.0 becomes 'native.' So only use NATIVE USB 2.0 ports and not ones with some non-Intel Chipset.

    Even today I have a P2/2 keyboard and Mouse for BIOS, plus another USB set (basic) for BIOS.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, unfortunatly the Saitek and the intel motherboard are older USB 2.0 and the motherboard does not have a PS/2 adapter, its USB only, its the DX48BT2
  3. Then it might be worth while getting a cheapo USB KB/Mouse. I assume the KB/Mouse isn't connected to any where but the MOBO's I/O connectors and not off some USB HUB or off the case.

    I assume the 'Saitek Eclipse II' has never allowed you access the BIOS...
  4. No, never used a USB hub since most new cases come with front panel USB connectors now.

    I cant remember if it could or could not, I just built this computer from spare parts I had lying around from past gaming computers. It had auto configured the HDD and DVD rom correctly so I didnt have to enter the bios, but now that my mother wants to use the front audio jacks and they dont work I need to make sure that the internal front HD/audio 97 connector is turned on. The rear jacks work fine for the speakers but the speakers dont have a headphones connector :(
  5. Life...get a cheapo USB KB/Mouse...locally at places like Walmart they're $8~$10.
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