System Configuration / Compatibility for Alien A51 ALX system

I am looking at piecing together a new system using a Core i7 CPU. For years I have used a lot of Dell computers at work and at home. I like for the ease of installation using the Dell Install CDs/DVDs. Following thru with this I have found that the Dell Alien Area 51 ALX System utilizes all the top-end Core i7 chips...and sells for $3,000 to $4,000. However, I can piece the system together for much "MUCH" less. The motherboard is Dell part# J560M it supports all the top-end Core i7 CPUs. So here's my question; I was wondering if someone can help confirm a few configuration/compatibility questions for me.
> board will "mount" in industry standard ATX "full-tower?"
> board will use industry standard ATX/SATA 650/750 watt PSU? don't need 1100 watts.
> system comes with Win7 64bit installed - but will previous/lesser OS install: VISTA/Win7 32bit?
> board will in-fact run “All” the top-end Core i7 cpu’s – i7 970 thru i7 990?

Thank you very much for your help.
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  1. 1. Yes it is a industry standard ATX sized etc etc Motherboard that will fit it any case with the industry standard sizes.

    2.Yes it is an industry standard power supply, however, it has all the cables connected to the power supply by one single large connector.

    3. Yes it will. Consider the Alienware just like any other computer or motherboard. They are Foxconn OEM motherboards anyway.

    4.Yes it will. Just update the bios first before doing anything.
  2. I'm confused. Are you going to buy the system from Alienware? or are you trying to buy all the pieces separately and put together a system that is comparable to the Alienware one for significantly less money?
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