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Partially blown power supply?

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January 11, 2012 4:28:55 PM

so i built my girlfriend a comp for christmas.

Asrock 990fx mbo
8gb Gskill Ram
500gb hitachi
X2 gtx 260's in SLI
amd Phenom 2 Deneb @3.8ghz
Asus DVD R/W
NZXT Phantom Case
850W thermaltake Black Widow Psu

Anyhow, after about 3 days coming back to my apartment type room for college after christmas break, the comp made an interesting fizzling noise which i thought for sure was going to be the mobo. after some examination of the mobo there wasnt any burnt smell, black capacitors, or anything like that; but at first the rig would not power up. a few minutes later started it up after plugging it in fine. if you try to shut it down and power it back on the buttons are unresponsive until you let it sit for around 15+ minutes.

im thinking this could be attributed to the fact that this mobo has a feature on it that lets it stay powered up to charge things via usb, however the psu fan does not stay on while the mobo is still drawing power. is this some kind of feature that newer psu's have? when i was originally building the rig i had a rosewill 1000w modular that would kick on with the comp, run it and everything, but when i shut down the computer the blue PSU L.E.D. and fan would stay on and spinning, now its making me wonder if possibly that psu wasnt bad. :cry: 

Anyhow thank you for all of your time in advance!

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January 11, 2012 5:29:51 PM

Not sure I completely follow your story. Was it the Rosewill or the Thermaltake that went out?

The lethargic starts definitely point to a psu that is on its way out. Do you still have the other psu laying around that you can switch in for it?

There shouldn't be anything psu related that would cause different behavior on the motherboard. All the pins are standard. The only difference would be the possibility of pluggin the wrong cable into the wrong connector that would cause aberrant behavior.
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January 11, 2012 5:59:39 PM

If you had a power issue while you were gone then sure it could be a bad PSU, most PSU's come with a 3~5 year warranty.

Typical signs of a failing PSU are powering on issues, sudden freezes, sudden shutdowns for no apparent reason <or> under sudden load. Pressing the power button with unpredictable behavior -- waiting and it turns on.
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January 11, 2012 7:47:54 PM

it was the the thermaltake. which surprises the hell out of me. i did a little more dinking around with it, and it wont start up unless you drain all the power from the psu via I/O switch then holding power button. if all the power is drained it will boot on command again. very strange.
thanks again for the help! i will probably see whether or not this one goes until i can get my rosewill in there.
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January 12, 2012 12:27:52 AM

I have had two out of two Thermaltake units die on me. Granted both mine were made by HEC, which may be the manufacture of yours. I can't seem to find who makes the W0319RU, but HEC makes the Thermaltake W0318RU.