Power problem

I'm running a fairly new build:
MSI P67A-GD65 B3
XFX 6850
Corsair TX750
RipJaws 1600 4GB x2
128 GB ssd
1TB western digital blue

I turned the computer off this morning (I don't leave it running). It has probably 40 hours on it total. I tried to turn it on this afternoon, and nothing. I opened case and can see the fans start to spin for less than a second, then stop. I unplugged all the PSU cables except for the dvd rom and tried to jump the PSU with a paperclip. It did the same thing. When I flipped the power switch, the fan started to spin for about a second, then nothing. Is this the sign of a dead or faulty PSU?

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  1. so was the paper clip test a success?
  2. No, not really. It turned on for about a second and then died. I tried it over and over with the same result. If it didn't do anything durning the paperclip test, I would assume it was dead. But that it's only 2 months old and spins for a second has me second guessing.

    I just requested an RMA from Corsair. Guess I'm down for a week.
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