I want to upgrade my Dell XPS M1710. . . what can i put in it?

Hello, I currently am running The Dell MXG061 is also known as Dell XPS M1710. I have 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 4GB of RAM and the nVidia Go 7950 GTX graphics card with 512MB of memory. I want to know if i can upgrade the graphics card and/or processor and if so how i find out which are compatable and will not fry the motherboard? Can you upgrade the motherboard in this unit?

Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. Well, you have a that's never an easy starting point. Some laptops can be upgraded graphics wise, but that's not something I know too much about.

    I found this though:

    The Vidock allows you to add an external GPU to your laptop, but it needs a specific input on your laptop.
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    i had a post here...?

    Did you now?
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    yes becuase I had the notification of so...

    Ha ha ha, any topic with "dell" in the subject line automatically notifys you; it's kinda like your bat signal!
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    might not be worth it however..

    Dell XPS M1730 - Graphics Card Upgrade to 8800mGTX - PART 1
    Updating the graphics card from the Dual SLI 8700mGT, to the Dual SLI 8800mGTX. The 8800mGTX has double the memory (512MB on each GPU - total 1GB) and double......

    That's a 1730. It's completely different.

    To the OP: No, the 1710 cannot be upgraded to anything faster than the 7950 GTX, and the CPU can only be upgraded to a 2.33GHz T7600 (which is almost assuredly not worth it).
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