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I'd like to run on ultra settings on a 30 inch lcd. However, I'm not one of those guys chasing fps and 3dmarks etc....I just want a video card that does its job. Basically, if I don't notice any problems with my gaming...the card's doing its job. So, assuming the rest of the computer is not a factor, (I'm going sandy bridge), what's the recommended card that a person should go to value-wise for a video card? And as much as I'd love to get a HULK SMASH Vivid actor length video card, it's not really necessary.

I have a 5850 now, crossfire it?
Sell the 5850 and get:
nvidia 570?

Oh, and i'd really like to not have to upgrade for 2 years if possible.

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    Here is benchmark of HD 5850 CF in Crysis it gets like 32 FPS so it`s quite good and enough for normal gameplay.
  2. Sounds good. Another question...My current computer before I go sandy bridge in 2 months is an old core 2 duo on a SLI mobo. I use to think that you need a crossfire mobo to do crossfire, however, recently on one of tom's articles, it says any mobo with 2 pcis will do. Which one is true? Do I need an Xfire ready mobo or just 2 pci slots?

  3. You need CF ready mobo but some mobos can use CrossFire and SLI ( if I`m not wrong).
  4. Any mobo with two PCIe slots can do Crossfire. Only those mobos that are SLI-certified, like yours, can do SLI.
  5. there is basiclly no such thing as CF ready mobos then...because they all are.
  6. Debeucci said: there is basiclly no such thing as CF ready mobos then...because they all are.

  7. honestly, the 5850s are getting a little aged, I would recommend selling that and waiting for the 69xx series, or the 5xx series from nvidia. looking at those links, 32 avg fps is not very smooth..
    According to this article, GTX570 will fit right between the 6950 and 6970 for performance. They are also expecting the cards to be in short supply after the debut this week. $350 for a GTX570 is a pretty good deal.
  9. I would strongly suggest the 570 also, and an SLI capable motherboard when you go sandybridge for obvious reasons.
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