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hey guys I have a core 2 Duo OC to 3.8ghz and a ati 5850. I was thinking of getting another one to crossfire. Do you think the cpu would bottleneck. Or is it fast enough to support 2 cards?

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  1. Are you running above 1920x1080? if not buying another card would be a waste of money, try overclocking with msi afterburner
  2. I think the GPUs won't be bottlenecked badly, but there certainly will be some bottleneck
  3. No 1680x1050. The price of the cards have come down I was thinking it would let enable AA and AF and get me ready for some next gen games
  4. Yeah there really cheap but I think an overclocked 5850 will be fine for even next-gen games, if you have to have the warranty buy now, but if not snatch up a 5850 from ebay once the 7000 series is released, they're only getting cheaper and you should be fine for now.
  5. That sounds good. I'll go for the OC now. And if a game comes out that wont run on ultra settings I'll get one then. Might end up only paying $100 for all that processing power.

    thanks Joel
  6. Sounds Good

    if any of your friends has a 5850 just buy their's in a year, friends tend to give you better prices
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