ATI 5750 or Nvidia 450

Which card would you go for, ATI 5750 or Nvidia 450?

For general gaming PC
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  1. I would go 450 but thats because nvidia tends to do better in the games i play ie borderlands, WoW, bio shock and mass effect.

    however there are titles that prefer the ati archetrcture so it depends what you want to play.

    as for ct1615's nothion on the 5770 he asked for the 5750 however if 5770 was an option fo rgeneral gaming i'd say 5770 > 450 > 5750 in general however individual game results vary
  2. Go for the 450, it's better than the 5750 and about the same as the 5770.
  3. I am using Zotac 450 since two weeks. no problem in gaming. new nvidia drivers performs better than ati. earlier i used ati card but control center never open after one or two times.
  4. Yeah, if you can at all afford the GTX 460 768mb then get that. It is very nicely priced and a substantial improvement over the other cards mentioned in the thread, especially when overclocked.
  5. But if you can't afford the 460 buy the 450. It is a little faster then the 5750. If you can't afford the 460 but can still push some more money buy the 5770, it hovers above the gts450.
  6. The GTS 450s with a steep factory OC(like the TOP DirectCU) can actually match an HD5770 but most models will be closer to the HD5750.
  7. Quote:
    ^ I think a Hd5830 will be a better buy than a GTX460 768MB currently though,
    found the cheapest 5830 as cheap as the cheapest GTX460 768 on newegg
    XFX stock clocked HD5830 with free AVP game, at USD 165, with MIR to USD 145

    Gigabit GTX 460 768MB at USD165, at USD 155 after MIR

    The HD5830 should perform somewhere around the GTX460, maybe just a few fps less

    I don't know if you purposely ignored all the cheaper GTX 460s but the DirectCU model is the best you can buy and it is $150 shipped($130 after MIR.)
    The cheapest HD5830 is $20 more before rebate, $10 after.
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