Asus sabertooth p67 not saving bios settings HELP

hi I have a big problem I bought my asus sabertooth p67 a bought 1 month ago and the problem is when I unplug my pc and plug it back in all the settings in the bios have gone back two default but if I keep the power cable in and turn the pc of and on the settings are still there and when I put it in to sleep mode and try to wake it up it turns on and back off 2-3 times then turns on but with a black screen the gpu if fine and when I do turn it on the time on win 7 is set to(after when it’s been unplugged) 01/01/05

Can you please help me thanks
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  1. yeah i have reset the bios but still the same problem
  2. Sounds to me like your CMOS battery is either failing or missing. Get a new CR2032 battery and replace your existing battery. The CMOS battery should not show any signs of bulging or leaking.

    Also check to make sure that your Clear RTC RAM jumper is set to pins 1-2 (Normal position) and NOT to pins 2-3(Clear CMOS position).
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