Just built my first computer but it won't turn on! Please Help!

Hi everyone,

I just built my first computer today. Everything is plugged in. All cords as far as I can tell are plugged in where they are supposed to be... I think. After plugging in my monitor, keyboard and mouse I tried booting it up (with it on the desk so i can look inside to watch what happens.) but it doesn't turn on. I know there is power because my mouse led is shining when plugged into the usb in the motherboard. Also, something does happen I see for a split second the power going to the cpu/system fans, they twitch just a little bit and then nothing else happens.

Any ideas what I may have done wrong?

System specs:

Gigabyte p67 ud3 motherboard
I5 - 2500k cpu
Corsair tx650 PSU
Radeon 6850 gpu
antec 300 illusion case
8 gb corsair xms ram

p.s. ram is plugged into slots 1 and 3. Power cord goes from psu to motherboard with the atx connector and another cpu power cord is plugged into the motherboard from the psu. I have the front power switch connected (i know its recognizing my button because at least something happens). I was a little worried when i installed my cpu that I had to pull the lever down too hard during the install. However, i'm confident i put it in right with zero insertion force before the lever part.
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    From MY experience installing my first CPU which was an AMD processor, I put it in with zero first and I had the same issue you did. I took everything apart, snapped my CPU in firmly (I had to push it in with a little force, but I made sure it was ligned up first), and it worked fine.
  2. is anything supposed to happen when i set the cpu in the socket? it doesnt feel like it snaps in or really sets in very far. It almost looks like its just sitting on top of the pins but I can't tell. I've read others with this same motherboard who have said similar things. This is so frustrating. I tried taking out my gpu and re installing my cpu but I get the same result. My fans twitch like they are about to start and then nothing...
  3. I'm getting the feeling that my problem might be a short somewhere. I used stand off's between my motherboard and case but i'm not sure if i put them all in the right places. Is it important to make sure I used all of my stand offs in exactly the right places?
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  5. i have the same problem, how did you fix it?
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