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Does anyone know of any Coaxial to Ethernet adapters? I need something very simple. I'm not looking for an adapter with multiple Ethernet ports, just one (1 coaxial in, 1 ethernet out). My situation is that I want to set up my own hardware firewall using SmoothWall and I'm using Verizon FiOS for the Internet.

As anyone who has FiOS will tell you that they run a coaxial cable from the ONT box to the router. I need to convert that coaxial connection to Ethernet. I know there's a way to switch the ONT connection from coaxial to ethernet ( but in my situation, that requires running an ethernet cable through the side of my wall that leads to outside. I've tried it and I was unable to do it successfully. Running the coaxial cable back through was a hard task.

So I am now resulting to a small device that converts coaxial to ethernet. I was unable to find any that fits my needs. I don't want to call Verizon and have a tech come out to make the switch because I suspect they'll charge me alot to do so.
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  1. Thx for the reply. I should of mentioned this sooner. I ended up turning the standard issued Verizon router into a bridge. I've got my pfSense router up and running.
  2. Basically there are 2 solutions: - EOC - classical solution

    and then also more 'end user related" extenders:

    and this:
  3. there are two devices can help you,one is coax to ethernet converter
    another is coax over ethernet,
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