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Update am3+ bios with am2 cpu?

I am looking at this board for a potential build. ASRock 970 EXTREME4 AM3+

About all of the reviews say that the bios do not support FX CPU and require a bios update, which requires another cpu.

The only cpu i have at my disposal is a old am2 athlon. is this compatible with that mobo and would allow me to update?
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  1. yes, amd is very good with there backwards compatibility
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    What is the model number of the old CPU?

    The AM3+ Socket is only backwards compatible with the AM3 CPU's. It is NOT compatible with AM2 and AM2+ CPU's. Most likely, the Athlon that you have is not going to be compatible with that motherboard.

    Look on CPU SUpport list found on the following web page to see if your CPU will work. If your CPU is NOT on it then don't try to use it.
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