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What is the minimum PSU requirement for INTEL DH55TC with ATI Radeon 5670 1G DDR3??????????????????
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  1. Depends on what cpu and other components you have.

    You can't just tell us the motherboard and video card and expect an intelligent answer.
  2. Check out GeekApprove's sig.. Should give you more than just a hint.. He is using a more powerful GPU (extra power compared to the 5670 should compensate for the power requirements of the other non specified components) and using an Antec 380 watt PSU.. Thus, AMD655's comment is more or less correct.. No harm in getting a higher wattage PSU though.. Just make sure to pick one from a reputed brand..
  3. Hey DJBoy,
    Go as high in total wattage as you can for as much as you are willing to spend, but also try to stay with the better brands as well. Toms just had an article on cheeping out on your PSU, with funny results. I am using Corsair power on all of my PC's and I have never had a problem. I had a cheep powersupply(Rosewell) and it cooked my Board, GPU and RAM. GOOD TIMES!
  4. Buy either ANTEC or CORSAIR.

    Then sped as much as you can. Power supplies for GPU's and Motherboards are not going to change in the future so a tip top PSU is a very good investment.
  5. spend*
  6. For that you need some serious power, 2 x nuclear power plant
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    The 5670 amd reference board is claimed to use 64 Watts.
    Depending on the cpu i think you should be safe taking around 120 Watts in account.
    for other stuff like hard drives opticals etc, sit around 100 to 150 watts depending on how heavily you configure your rig.
    64 + 120 + 150 = 334

    So go for a 350watt minimum.
    Offcourse like others stated it's never bad to way over that, the psu will never use more then the system demands.
    Just look for a good brand with 80+ certification.
    Personally i use coolermaster, and that psu is now over 5 years old and still rocking.

    Hope you have enough info now, good luck!
  8. I already have a 450 PSU.......................... bt still smtimes the whole PC stops responding..................... even the reset button doesnt work..........................................................
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