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Hey guys, any help with this question would be greatly appreciated.

So over Christmas, I got some new RAM, and a new Hard drive. I was out of town when my fiance gave them to me, so when I got home, I installed the RAM, dealt with Windows new hardware PITA process, and let it be for a while. In the process of installing the new RAM, I had to un-overclock my computer, and I decided to go back to my old OC profile on my mobo before installing the new HDD. After re-OCing, the computer boot fine, and I then reboot from Windows to go to my Linux flash drive, to partition the Hard drive, set up RAID 0, etc. However, when I went to the BIOS to boot off of the flash drive, the computer turned off, almost as if somebody had pulled out the power cord. My new problem is that the computer wont boot at all. When I press the power button, the fans don't start, it just sits stagnant. I know that the RAM is compatible with the CPU and MoBo, and that everything is plugged in correctly. What do you guys think happened? Do I need to return the Mobo? The RAM is Corsair Vengeance 4x4GB, with a Asus Sabertooth P67 Board, and an Intel Core i7 2600.
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  1. umm... did you try unplugging and plugging back in all the cords?

    Test the PSU?

    reset the BIOS w/ the jumper?

    Pull the CMOS battery?
  2. do a cmos reset first
  3. What PSU do you have? Sounds like it died.
  4. I know its not a PSU problem, because the MoBo has a light at the bottom that shows that the 24-pin is plugged in is on. I have already reset the CMOS, and still had no luck.
  5. You can't "KNOW" it's not the PSU problem...If you KNEW that, you probably wouldn't have to come here. We haven't eliminated the PSU yet...

    Is the CPU fan still turning? Overheating could be an obvious concern and thus, reseating the CPU/HSF may be needed(remember to remove, then reapply new thermalpaste. Otherwise, unplug EVRYTHING from the motherboard and plug it back in.(Minus the proc./HSF) Go back to 1 stick of RAM and see if the problem is still there. Clear the CMOS (as recommended by others) and come back with what you find. Also remove all video cards, etc...before booting to see if it's one of those. Do this and add, one-by-one the components to see where the error may lie.

    Come back when you've got some more information from these ideas.
  6. After the computer turned itself off, I can't get ANY activity out of it. All of the fans stopped, and it just went dead. I'm 90% sure it isn't the PSU, because there is a light on my board that turns on when the 24 pin power connector is plugged in, and on. I have reset the CMOS as well.
  7. Sounds like something in the Mobo just died.
    If you want to be really sure, just breadboard it. If it's easier to get the board replaced, do it, if you want to trouble shoot and be absolutely sure which component is blown, then you'll need to walk the long but not lonely path of troubleshooting with us.
  8. your psu could be dead even if there is a light on the board he just could not give you the power to make the machine work,try another psu or have it test
  9. The light on the MB just indicates ONE voltage is present, NOT all voltages and it does not indicate that the one voltage is correct.

    Turn the rocker switch on the PSU off, leave sit for a couple of min and switch back on. When you turn the computer on the CPU HSF should at least start to spin. If it does not start to spin, then it could be a PSU or MB problem

    Relooked at post, what MB and what PSU
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