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Last Friday out of nowhere my computer shut down and restarted. When it came back on I started to receiving critical error hard drive and ram memory usage is critically error message. My computer is protected my McAfee AntiVirus software and it said it had detect a Trojan virus and capture it. But number my screen is blank it cannot locate any file on my desktop or favorites. It kept asking me to restart me computer a number of time. I did what it said to do. As of today the computer still turns on but I cannot locate a number of file and my screen if blank. It was all black, now its just white. What can I do to fix this? Is my hard drive information gone? Help!
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  1. I usually don’t' bother with questions so badly written (no offence I can tell you're not mainly English, and it's still very good English) but I feel really bad about your issue and would like to help. It doesn't matter what is wrong with your pc, because if you can't boot into windows you can't fix the issue. You're going to have to reinstall windows. By the looks of the error, it's not a hardware issue, it's a windows problem. Have you tried booting into windows through SAFE MODE? Does the pc let you do that? Do you have ANY kind of windows installation cd's? If not, your files are NOT lost. You can attach the hardrive to another pc and you can get the file off your hardrive, even if windows doesn't work :P But for now let's just see if we can fix your issue, so back to my earlier question, can you boot into safe mode? Do you get the safe mode option when turn your computer on?

    edit: oops i noticed it said you're getting ram and harddrive errors? Well, we KNOW it's not the ram, because your pc screen would not turn on if your ram was broken. If your ram is unstable windows will at least still boot. Also, if it's really the harddrive that is broken you'll have to try a new harddrive and reinstall windows.
  2. Take the memtest and tell me what happens.I think your hdd is infected and it everything has to be cleanly installed.
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