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I know there are hundreds of similar threads so apologies!

For the last 4 weeks my computer was randomly freezing\shutting down. I opened the case and cleared a lot of dust from the CPU fan, this solved the problem for about a week until it started again. I have had the case open for a week and there has been no sudden system lock ups so I assume the issue is overheating. Read many threads and the solution appears to be, in the first instance anyway to clean any old thermal paste and re-apply with decent brand.

System Specs

Intel Core 2 Quad Core Q8200
Nvidia Geforce G210.
One CPU fan
Power Supply - FSP 500W
Ambient Temp is average

A day after opening the case the fan sped up and noise is ridiculous. HW monitor reads out without fan

I noticed TMPIN2 was high, from reading other forums etc this could be a ghost sensor but I noticed it reduced in temp slightly with a large home fan blowing onto the case.

Once down to 55 degrees the fan slows down (still a lot louder than usual) as soon as it gets up to 57 fan speeds up.

I stress tested with prime 95 - TMPIN2 gets up to 80 and fan increases along with it. (Checked this temp with lots of programs, all consistent with one another).

Do any of the temps\other readings look unusual?
Should the first course of action be to clean\reapply thermal paste?
Should I just go ahead and buy a new fan?

Thanks for any help and sorry if this question has been seen a million times.
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  1. ive seen this problem on a pc that i worked on years ago. the cpu fan was running @4k rpm and the modo temp was +70 c. in reality the mobo was the same temp as the room, but the heat sensor on the board was filled with dust.
    try taking a power can of compressed air (or a vacum that can blow out) and give your pc a thorough cleaning. you have to clean more that just the cpu, get everywhere. also make sure that the wire connecting your cpu fan to your mobo is secured tight.
    good luck
  2. OK, do as David suggests, and get a can of compressed air. Then buy some good Thermal paste and cleaning solution.

    Now dismantle the PC and I mean all of it. Even take the MOBO out of the case.

    Using the compressed air, clean everything to within an inch of its life.

    Now rebuild applying new thermal paste, and you should be good to go.

    What was happening was your PC was going into OMG IM GONNA DIE mode and was trying to save it's self.

    Just remember to touch your case regularly to dissipate any static electricity. Use a clean wooden board to rest your components on.

    You don't want to do all this then fry a chip-set with 75,000 volts of static electricity

    BTW that's a great CPU, so maybe invest in a after market CPU cooler if you haven't already, and over-clock the bastard!!

    Cheers :D
  3. Hi All,

    It has taken me some time to get to this but eventually I decided to go ahead and by a new fan and heatsink.

    The stock heatsink\fans for pentiums dont seem to be much good so I bought an Arctic 7 Pro Freezer (with pre-applied paste).

    I dismantled the PC completley and after having to wrestle the old heatsink retention plate from the back of the motherboard got it back together and installed the new fan (after cleaning the processor of the old paste with articlean). The old paste was still greasy and had not dried out.

    As the fan is bigger it is very quiet which solves the most annoying problem but my CPU temp remains the same. After about 3 hours use last night it went up to 71 degrees. This is internet browsing temperature and it is not under any load.

    The ambient temperature in the room is low, the case is clean and the vents are not obstructed. The Aspire M5800 does not come with a case fan! I considered buying one but the distance between the new CPU fan and the back of the case is minimal, should I get one anyway? The assembly temp is 36 degrees.

    I am beginning to think that this is a motherboard sensor problem, the mobo is an Acer EG43M (I will never buy a pre-built comp again- BIOS is locked so no overclocking).

    If it is a sensor problem then I believe I may need to update my BIOS. I have found the update in the official Acer support site but have no idea where to start with it.

    Do any of you have experience of this? Do you think the sensor is likely to be the problem.

    I have some screenshots from Everest and HWmonitor. This is after an hour of running the machine idle.

    http://img840.imageshack.us/img840/6927/cputemps.th.jpg" class="img lazy">

    Thanks for any help\suggestions.
  4. Ok - I think I have finally sorted this out.

    The Arctic 7 Pro Freezer was not really helping the temps as I had it on the wrong way around, the fan was facing the back of the case as I assumed it was blowing away from and not through the heatsink! Wont make that mistake again.

    I switched it around and had to apply arctic silver 5 to the CPU this time. For the first hour the CPU sat between 55-59 degrees, its now at about 61, still higher than I would like but ill take it. Now that I have rotated the heatsink the CPU temp does fluctate a few degrees so it is making an impact. I suppose 55-65 is normal at idle temps?

    I will get an exhaust fan to get it running a little cooler.
  5. Apologies for droning on about this....

    I have finally sorted this out and I do not think it was hardware related at all.

    For anyone who has had a similar problem to me - as I have spent weeks googling problems with high CPU temps etc.

    I went into the BIOS to check the temp on startup as I still was not completely happy. I decided to "reset to default settings", saved and almost immediatley the fan halved in volume level.

    On booting up HW Monitor it reads that the TMPIN2 is fluctating between 11-25 degrees. Everest has it at the same temps.

    I have no idea what setting in the BIOS caused the CPU temp to read off the chart but I assume it was a sensor default which the reset sorted out.

    Anyway, hope this helps as an alternative to anyone with the same problem.

    http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/2722/biosreset.th.jpg Uploaded with ImageShack.us" class="img lazy">
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