Problem with second display

I'm having issues getting my second LCD monitor to work through the VGA input.
My graphics card is a 8400GS which supports dual monitors (it has 1 DVI slot and 1 VGA slot).

When I plug in the second display it says "No signal detected" and goes into power saving even though windows and the nvidia app see it ( they even recognized the obscure model without any drivers).

Display works fine through the DVI input , I tried plugging in both DVI and VGA cables into the display and PC , and then switching the input source from the display's menu (I can't access the damned menu when only the VGA cable is plugged in because it says "No signal detected" and then goes straight into power saving mode) but it goes blank for a second and when I pop the menu check nothing is changed , the source is still digital.

At first I thought the VGA plug on the display was busted but then I remembered that the dude from whom I bought it was using it on analog when he showed me the display.

Can anyone see some kind of solution to this problem because the only thing I can think off is buying a newer video card with 2 DVI slots but I can't afford it at the moment and I kinda need the second monitor for my work.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. So neither monitor works from the VGA port on your video card? if so, then it is broken, maybe a pin got bent.
  2. Well , since windows detected the monitor that was plugged in the VGA port I'm guessing it's fine.
    Video card VGA port doesn't have pins , the cable that you plug it in has them and they are fine.
  3. Have you tried a different cable?

    Sometimes the pins aren't transmitting data, this can cause the computer to recognize that something is plugged in, but the monitor to not get a signal. So it could be a pin on the wire is missing/messed up, or the port on your graphics card has some internal problem where the pin isn't transmitting information.

    I'd try a new wire. Also, try converting the VGA port to a DVI (with the connector) and see if that works.
  4. You mean using an adapter ? I don't think there are VGA to DVI adapters , only the other way around.
    Also cable is brand new , from the other display. Haven't used it at all before this.
  5. Yeah, an adapter like


    They make both kinds.

    Basically, try every combination because it is much easier and cheaper if you figure out that it is a connect/cord issue and not a graphics card problem. If it is the outlet on your graphics card, then you'll have to replace the whole card.
  6. I see , the guy at the biggest pc component store in my city told me they only make dvi vga ones , what douche.

    Anyways I'll get an adapter and if that doesn't work then I will know for sure that my video card is fucked.

    Thanks for the help mate.
  7. Hey no problem. I've encountered people like that before, worse when they insist they are right lol.

    Let us know what happens!
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