My first pc build having issues please help.

i7 950 + hyper 212_
gigabyte ud3r
msi gtx 560
3 x 2 gbs of corsair xms3
corsair 750watt cmpsu
samsung f3 500gb
random asus burner/drive

My problem is that when I power on the machine the power goes on for a few seconds then stops, and then it just loops.

I originally had a problem where my cpu power was not plugged in. When it wasn't plugged in the fans spun at 100% but obviously the cpu wasn't powered, now that its powered the fans do not get up to 100%.

I definitely did not properly seat my heatsink i put to much TIM on and i had to lift it up once.

I understand that i should reseat the heatsink and remove the existing TIM but could this cause my computer to not post? I get that this is a problem but with everything else going wrong for me tonight I feel like I'm going to fix this and it won't fix anything.

I've tried plugging the ram into the correct slots (gigabyte manual says dim slot 1, 3 and 5 for triple channel) and i also tried using different sticks alone (just one) in certain slots but still nothing

Could my motherboard be shorting out? I dont know have the top left or top middle motherboard screws screwed in but i do have the standoffs screwed in..
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  1. Are all the motherboard connectors is place? The 24-pin and the 12V 4-pin?
  2. Yes, it could be that just because the heatsink is not seated properly that it restarts due to the cpu getting real hot real fast. Except that your fan doesn't spin up to 100% to compensate so that is probably not your problem. Do you have the cpu fan or one of the other fans plugged into the cpu fan header? Your computer will not boot if you don't. There is a link in my sig under the cpu-z banner. Go to the link and follow the steps just to make sure you have all the basics down correctly. There are also a couple of simple trouble shooting steps included and some work arounds to help you out. Read through it thoroughly and follow the steps so you don't miss something simple.

    What is the model number of your memory? I see the brand name but it should have something like Model: CMX6GX3M3A1333C8. I just want to see if it's on the compatibility lists. One of the steps is to try to only use 1 stick of memory in the single recommended slot, (slot 1 - first white slot closest to the cpu), to see if that boots. Also - have you reset the cmos to make sure you're at stock settings?
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