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I have a Thinkpad T22 and would like to have a mini PCI wifi card installed. But I'm not sure what is the pros and cons on this card. I also would like to know.....what features will be disabled using this card?
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  1. If you have the option to put one in and there is an internal antenna hookup avaliable go for it. Even if there isn't an internal antena connection you should probably go for it. It will be MUCH better in the long run if anything for convenience sake. Having to get out a pcmcia card every time you want wifi sucks after a while. And having the card sticking out sometimes gets in the way and is just asking to get snapped off :)
    I've use many laptops where a pcmcia card was needed for wifi and it sucked. Having onboard wifi is WAY nicer as far as I'm concerned :)

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  2. Almost forgot the cons, lol. About all I can think of is having a smaller antenna and therefor shorter range if your laptop does not have a connection avalaible for a built in antenna. My T42 has a large built in antenna so it performs much better than a pcmcia card would. If it didn't have that antenna I'm sure a pcmcia card would have longer range.

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  3. Thanks Folken! After installing this mini pci thingy, will I still be able to use the LAN and the modem? I heard that some wifi mini pci doesn't work with non-built in Thinkpad due to BIOS locked
  4. I haven't heard of that but I suppose it is a possibility. I'm sure it would work fine, IBM is usually better with hardware than other laptop makers. You could probably find an atheros or intel minipci card. Then it would be just like you bought it with it already installed :)

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  5. How about the built in modem and LAN?? Will I still be able to use it?

  6. A comp doesn't care how many network cards/modems it has. I seriously doubt you will have any problems with it.

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