Can you upgrade the pentium chip in a gateway pentium 3

can you upgrade the pentium chip in a gateway pentium 3 tower?If so how far?
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  1. To answer your question yes you can upgrade an old Intel® Pentium® III processor to any processor within that family and socket The real problem is going to be finding a processor that would be an upgrade (just so you know they are all been discontinued for close to 9 years now I think).
    Comparatively speaking even the low end new computer today would be a great deal more powerful than anything that you could upgrade to within the Intel Pentium III line.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. Not to be mean
    unless you get the PIII chip for free
    then dont do it
    Pentium III towers are so obsolete that
    they are given away for practically free

    If you are in USA or have Craiglist available then buying a $100 used tower
    would blow the Pentium III away

    the absolute cheapest new tower would be 100 times more powerful

    Just not worth investing any money in, sorry :)
  3. Cheaper to strip the old P3 for usable parts which will probably be case, hdd and optical drive and look for a 2nd hand P4 SKT775 or Athlon 64 SKT AM2.
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