Is this RAM compatible?

I have a white unibody MacBook (late october 2009) and I switched out the two stock 1GB DDR3 RAM sticks for two Kingston 2GB DDR3 1067MHz RAM sticks specifically made for MacBook's. I would like to know if I would be able to put my old MacBook RAM into my PC?

The stock MacBook RAM is:
2GB (2x1) 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM

My PC mobo is:
BioStar A770E3
Can accept DDR3 SDRAM
Can have up to 16GB (Currently at 4GB (2x2))
Has 2 open DIMM slots

Current PC RAM:
4GB PC3-8500 CL7
240 Pin
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  1. NO, you cannot. Entirely different memory types. I could explain but a simple look at laptop memory sizes will explain it the best. Google is your friend; I HATE wasting my time with these when Google searches yield much, MUCH better results and only require you.

    Also, on a standard, only Mac memory works in Macs. This is not always the case but, it is a good rule of thumb. Apple uses server memory primarily. Standard desktop PC's do not thus, memory from a mac won't work (usually) in a PC and vice-versa.
  2. I realized this once I took out the RAM to look at it. Stupid question sorry
  3. There are no stupid question, BUT, there are simple questions that can be answered through basic thoughts/observations. Please select the correct answer and lock/close the thread though please! Welcome to the community
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