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Hi, I just installed a Zotac GF220 graphics card in my PC and it's totally messing up my audio. Standard .wav files are unaffected, but .avi audio/video files have distorted or no sound. My flight simulator sound is affected in the same way. I suspect that it's the HDMI audio component of the card that is causing a conflict, but I have no idea how to remedy it. All drivers are installed and up to date. My system uses a Creative Audigy 2 and I had ticked the box to use the default device only, but it made no difference.
I've uninstalled the new graphics card and put back my old XFX GF9500 GT for the moment, but I would like to upgrade my graphics and if all the newer cards with HDMI ports are going to cause this kind of problem, then I'm stuck with the old card.
Does anyone have a solution for stopping the conflict?
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  1. Try to disable the HDMI audio driver in device manager.
  2. What driver version are you on? I'm on 260.99 which is the latest as of 3 days ago I believe. Under change resolution in the Nvidia control panel, it gives me an option of HDMI audio enabled or disabled. My display is connected via DVI -> HDMI adapter though.
  3. Thanks for that. I updated the driver about a week ago. I'm at work at the moment, so can't recall the number exactly, I know it was 260.something....
    I had tried everything including in device manager disabling the HDMI audio, which didn't help any either. I never noticed anything within the Nvidia control panel, so if I update to the very latest driver, I should hopefully find what you describe in there.
    The only thing that did help was uninstalling the HDMI audio in device manager, but of course, the next time the PC was started, it came up with found new hardware etc, so it all starts again.

    This will be of help if I have the same problem with another card, as this morning I got annoyed with it all and took it back to PC World and got a refund as the card that I intended to replace it with was not in stock. There are a couple of GF250 cards that don't have the HDMI port, so I'm going to try one of them as a first option.
  4. Just an add on to my last post. Having blamed the new card with the HDMI audio and taken it back to the store, I found later that I still had the problem with my older graphics card. I uninstalled all the NVIDIA drivers and the Phys-X software that the newer drivers install. With just Windows XP default driver all was working again. I put my installation CD in and installed drivers from that - 81.81 and things still worked. Then I put the last known working driver that I had back on (178.24) and it still all worked. Then I went through the NVIDIA driver archive trying different drivers. When the Phys-X part was installed, that's when the problem came back again. I uninstalled Phys-X and problem gone.
    All the later driver installations feature Phys-X so I thought that I may as well try and make it work. Searched around and found a driver update for my Audigy 2 sound card. Now even the very latest driver 260.99 and Phys-X are OK and all applications so far working without any problems.
    In retrospect, I may have been a little hasty in taking the new card back, as from this exercise, it would appear that the older sound card driver was the cause of the problem.
    This may be of help to others with a similar problem.
    Many thanks to 1haplo and canterbizzle for your input.
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