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I recently bought a Dell Studio XPS 8100. I tried to upgrade the graphic card with a new Sapphire Radeon 6870. I thought i would have no problem, but when i power up, all i got is a 6 quick beeps and nothing on the screen. I read that a 500w PSU is recommanded for this card. Mine does 350 max. Shall I buy a new one ? Sapphire site also explains that i need from this PSU 2 connections for the 6 pins plugs on the graphic card.

Does anyone know what that 6 beeps mean ? and what I should do ti avoid the problem?

Thank You.
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  1. i forgot to mention that all fans (psu, graphic card, processor) run without any problem, just those beeps and nothing on the screen
  2. The beeps are because the hd6870 requires two 75-watt 6-pin power connection, which you will not find with a dell oem 350-watt power supply, I would recommend an antec ea650, 650 watt psu, these are available for around $70.00 and will run that gpu plus some!
  3. thank you, that was the answer i needed.

    Will that PSU fit in the xps's PSU slot ?
  4. I have that psu in a dell inspiron 545, so yes it willl fit yours
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