PCI or PCIe X1 for video card?

I've got an old Dell 3100 to which I'd like to add a video card. No PCIe(16)or AGP slots on the mobo, only PCI and one PCIex1. Will a Ge Force 9500 on PCI perform as well as an ATI4350 on PCIe X1?
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  1. PCIe X1 is a different slot all together from and x4,x8 and x16
    It is used for other devices like the sound card/wireless/tuner and stuff.
    Video cards do not use it.
  2. There are few video cards that run the PCI-E 1x interface, however none offer any sort of performance. Neither does a PCI slot offer any great cards, but I believe a 9500GT is the best you'll get.

    Keep in mind zeke these are not cheap relative to the performance they give.
  3. Yep, I know they're not cheap. $100 at newegg for a radeon 4350 on PCIe 1x. I think the Invidia 9500 for PCI was about $30 less. I was just curious whether there was enough advantage to the PCIe 1x to justify the price difference.

    If it weren't for the damn backwards mobo in these Dells I'd just replace that!
  4. Just make sure the Dell power supply is able to provide enough power for the third part graphics card that you install.
  5. Thanks, I'm all over it.
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