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I need a decent 2-port KVM switch (D-sub video) for a laptop and a desktop. I tried a IOgear GCS632U but it had some issues. Bringing the laptop out of standby sometimes required unplugging/replugging in the keyboard and mouse. Also, switching to the laptop would cause the monitor to blank several times like it was trying to sync. This would also happen sometimes while running the game Eve. Finally, a horizontal area of poor video quality began strobing vertically across the monitor. None of these issues existed when I bypass the KVM. I have already returned the switch but I need a new one.

Looking at reviews on New Egg, it seems like they all stink. I see lots of reported failures across many manufacturers.

Can anyone recommend a decent switch? I don't mind spending $100 for a 2-port KVM. I use wired mouse and KB and will do some gaming through the switch.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Every product will have failures, just pick the best reviewed one on newegg. Don't try to find one that has a perfect reliability rating, won't happen.

    The best KVMs I have used were from BlackBox but that was for a cost-no object business setups. You probably don't want these, their cables alone cost more than just about any full KVM system. But I've never had one fail on me.
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    production processes has just become so cheap that failure is all the more common.The most highest form of strict quality control is only seen in the cpu where they perform the very strict standards and test.
    Hope you buy the right one.
  3. I researched KVM swithces several months ago and didn't find anything that looked very promising.

    A little later I bought a cheap Rosewill that newegg had on sale, based on it having better than average reviews and being very low priced. It was easy to hook up and so far has worked real well. It has a small central hub molded onto the cables, and then 3 sets of cables each with a VGA and 2 USB's. I plugged my keyboard, wireless mouse receiver and monitor into it, and connected it to my homebuilt tower and my little Mac, and it works perfectly. It has another little wire with a button on the end of it, just push the button to toggle between the 2 inputs.
  4. I've used different manufaturer kvm's and so far the best one for soho use has been the belkin ones, try to get one with a psu (sometimes when usb ports go to sleep or low power state they cause all sorts of sync problems with unpowered kvm's).
  5. Thanks for the responses! They are cheap enough that I will go with the "Russian Roulette" methodology. Trying TRENDnet Tk-209 next
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