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I have money now but on the other hand I have no problem holding off for a month or two. So my question is this there anything on the horizon that I would regret not at least waiting to see what happens? I plan on spending 500-600 dollars.
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  1. For that budget, there isnt anything due out soon that will be in that range, Sandy Bridge is expect to return in april but a board and CPU will take out most of that budget.
  2. Well when AMD's Bulldozer is released in April/May it will probably drive down the current Phenom II prices. You may be able to get a Phenom II 975 for $150 which is pretty sweet.
  3. You can already pick up a 955 for $140 and up its multiplier by 2 and you have yourself a 975, no reason to wait to pick up a 975 when the 955 will always be just as capable and cheaper.
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