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I am looking to buy a new video card and have limited it down to these three cards. Prices are in Canadian

Zotac GeForce 9400GT $120

Asus 5750 - $200 at store, $160 if bought over Amazon

Asus 6850 - $290 at store

Radeon HC 5750 - $200, $150 over Amazon

I have a power supply of 600W.
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  1. All of them are a rip-off. Get the GTX 460 from here:

    It costs $170, and if you use your rebate, $140. :)
  2. Don't think of getting a 768Mb GTX460. Grab either an HD6850 or a GTX460 1Gb.
  3. Problam with that is I dont trust the internet with my credit card, and the only reason I would buy from amazon is because a friend of mine has an account with them. Those four were the best options in the city I live in.
  4. all of those prices are insanely expensive. In australia i can get a 6850 from a computer store for $199 and a 5750 for $120. The exchange rate is almost equal between aus and canada also. It would be cheaper for me to buy the card in australia and send it to the other side of the world to you......just some food for thought.......
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